Neat Auto Computers
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To supply superior quality auto computer components that: our CUSTOMER recommends to their friends & families, MECHANICS select for their customer’s vehicles, DISTRIBUTORS prefer for their supply chain, EMPLOYEES are proud of and STAKE HOLDERS seek for long term returns.


Service Excellence
- Provide cost effective, accurate & timely product & service to all customers.

Continuous Process Improvement
- Identify key problem areas & assess how well we provide solutions..
- Continuously improve services and measure progress.

Employee Enhancement
- Hire talented and driven people.
- Increase skills through training and experience.
- Provide opportunities for overall growth.

- Work together to provide ever-improving customer service.

Innovation in Product and Service Delivery
- Invest in the development of new process, technology, equipment and better ways of delivering our products & services.

About NEAT Computers

About NEAT Computers Happy Customer

NEAT Computers serves automotive aftermarket industry with its superior quality remanufactured automotive parts, components & accessories. We have adopted World-class, high quality manufacturing capabilities into our process along with the highest quality remanufactured components.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is our primary focus. Being the CUSTOMER-CENTRIC enterprise, we have nurtured our staff across all departments to deliver high quality products & services that leads to customer delight. No matter which department- Technical, Marketing, Sales, Accounts or Customer service, we all work as a single COHESIVE UNIT that caters to our nation-wide SATISFIED CUSTOMERS.

We at NEAT Computers have the most advanced remanufacturing & testing processes. Our Auto Computers product catalogs are divided in to various product categories viz. Engine Control Module, Diesel Module, Fuel Injection Control Module, Transmission Control Module & Injection Drive Module. This helps customer to order Online or through Tele Ordering process with ease.

Each Unit undergoes our industry leading electronic engineering & remanufacturing processes, which consist of cutting edge technology, sophisticated engineering & tooling, the selection of only the finest components, precision machining & finally our continuous laboratory testing & final inspection processes that set the industry standard for unparalleled quality.

We provide our customers with outstanding, fast and friendly service. With incredible factory-direct prices not to mention our unrivaled One Year Warranty! It is not hard to see why NEAT Computers is continually the preferred nationwide choice for exceptional quality, service & value.

Thank you for shopping with Neat Computers. We truly appreciate your business.

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