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To supply superior quality auto computer components that: our CUSTOMER recommends to their friends & families, MECHANICS select for their customer’s vehicles, DISTRIBUTORS prefer for their supply chain, EMPLOYEES are proud of and STAKE HOLDERS seek for long term returns.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is our primary focus. Being the CUSTOMER-CENTRIC enterprise, we have nurtured our staff across all departments to deliver high quality products & services that leads to customer delight. No matter which department- Technical, Marketing, Sales, Accounts or Customer service, we all work as a single COHESIVE UNIT that caters to our nation-wide SATISFIED CUSTOMERS.

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Service Excellence
- Provide cost effective, accurate & timely product & service to all customers.

Continuous Process Improvement
- Identify key problem areas & assess how well we provide solutions..
- Continuously improve services and measure progress.

Employee Enhancement
- Hire talented and driven people.
- Increase skills through training and experience.
- Provide opportunities for overall growth.

- Work together to provide ever-improving customer service.

Innovation in Product and Service Delivery
- Invest in the development of new process, technology, equipment and better ways of delivering our products & services.

Our Remanufacturing Process Complete Process Includes


Advanced Computerized Inspection & Testing for On-the-Device Heat, Shock & Vibration Extremes


Complete 100% Re-Flow of All Major Components


Complete Restoration/Resolderation of All Critical Circuits for Maximum Electrical Flow


Complete Upgrades & Replacements for All Common Component Failures

NEAT Computers Advantage

  • Low Prices Anywhere, with Our Price Match Guarantee
  • Nation Wide Component & Parts Coverage 99% in Stock Guarantee
  • All Auto Computers are VIN Programmed & 100% Plug N' Drive
  • Free Reliable Shipping to Majority of the States
  • No-Questions, No Nonsense 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty available for just $100
  • Free One Year Warranty

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Ford Toyota

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